U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser, seen at the Times Leader offices in this file photo, has decided he won’t run for governor of Pennsylvania.
                                 Times Leader file photo

U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser, seen at the Times Leader offices in this file photo, has decided he won’t run for governor of Pennsylvania.

Times Leader file photo

Back Mountain Republican will seek third term in Congress

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DALLAS — U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser Tuesday announced he will not enter the race to become Pennsylvania’s next governor.

Meuser, R-Dallas, issued a statement that basically said he feels the best option for him, Pennsylvania and the country is to remain in the U.S. House of Representatives. Meuser is serving his second two-year term representing the 9th Congressional District. He will be up for re-election in 2022’s mid-term election.

“I feel it is best to continue to do my job for my constituents, and in order to help win back the House,” Meuser said. “This has led me to what I think is the right decision for Pennsylvania and my country — and that is to remain in the U.S. House, work towards reelection, and yes, fight to accentuate the positives that have made our country great and will make the commonwealth of Pennsylvania great again.”

Meuser said for right now, his and the Republican party’s collective priority is to elect Republicans on Nov. 2, including local and school board races, county judge races, and the four statewide judge candidates.

“Nevertheless, as a U.S. House member, I am witnessing first-hand the importance to our country of Republicans winning back control of the U.S. House of Representatives,” Meuser said. “The joint actions being taken by the leadership in the Democratic caucus and the Biden administration are, in fact, led by the far left of the party. Their actions and policies are detrimental to the U.S. economy, national security, and the freedom to pursue the American dream.”

Meuser went on to say, “The House Democrats controlled by the far left are now seeking the largest tax, spend, and expansion of the federal government ever in our history. Pursuing this after a year where we struggled with COVID and spent trillions to recover from the crisis is the height of irresponsibility. The House Democrats and the Biden administration have surrendered to the far left. They are advocating for dangerous open borders and a disastrous Afghanistan policy; they are demonizing and weakening law enforcement, leading to record levels of crime in our cities; they are promoting distorted woke education in our schools, highly legally questionable mandates, inflation, and skyrocketing debt. It is imperative we reverse this and do much better. Losing is not an option.”

Meuser said he had received much encouragement and he was strongly considering a candidacy for governor. He said his reasons for considering a run for governor were to make Pennsylvania a truly great place to live, work, raise your family, and for young people to achieve the American dream.

“With the right governor, Pennsylvania can be the next Texas.” Meuser said. “Pennsylvania could be, should be, a state people not only want to stay in, but an exciting place to relocate their family and business. Pennsylvania should be an economic powerhouse where businesses can boom and people can prosper better than any other place in the country.”

But, Meuser added, Pennsylvania needs a governor with a vision and a real plan to get there.

“A plan to be in the top 10 nationwide for starting and growing a business, as well as ensuring everyone an amazing quality of life,” Meuser said. “We must be competitive and have regulatory agencies that work for the people, not against them.”

Meuser said the governor must work with the state legislature on the plan so that both branches of government have ownership and can execute the plan aggressively for the good of all.

“We must be the best in agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and distribution,” Meuser said. “And we need to set plans to lead in tech, healthcare, tourism, and start-ups. We need to be the state the world looks to, to bring their latest innovations. We have the seeds planted for much of this, but we are not using the right fertilizer to grow it. Pennsylvania’s environment for business growth and opportunity is in the bottom 15 of states, and I know that within one term of the right governor, we can be in the top 10.”

Meuser said this aggressive, serious approach would enormously benefit schools, union and non-union workers alike, retirees, and create the path for the revitalization of the small, often stressed cities through investment in transportation and infrastructure.

“I do feel the experiences of helping grow a business, serving as Secretary of Revenue for the commonwealth, serving on the board of governors for PASSHE, and serving as a member of Congress have provided me the background necessary to help lead and carry out such plans,” Meuser added. “I, like you, love Pennsylvania, and we should always refer to Pennsylvania as the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and I am dedicated to helping us achieve this in more than name alone.”

Meuser said he has not decided who he will endorse for governor. Former U.S. Congressman and Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta is seeking the GOP nomination. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Monday he is seeking the Democratic nod.

“There are a few good candidates running,” he said. “I have to decide who I feel would be the best for Pennsylvania. We really do need to see greatness in that office.”

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