Luzerne County Courthouse

Luzerne County Courthouse

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Eleven Luzerne County government workers were hired in December, while 22 left county employment, according to the latest monthly personnel report.

Six of the new employees are Children and Youth caseworkers. Phaedra Joseph was hired as a caseworker 2 at $19.98 per hour, while five caseworker 1s were hired at $16.62 an hour: Carson Kinney, Justin Muscovitch, Laura Pinero, Kyle Poepperling and Benjamin Wysocki.

The other new workers along with their positions and hourly compensation: Charles E. Casey, detective, $24.34; Kortney Jensen, 911 telecommunicator, $15.82; Patrick J. Miller, assistant district attorney, $28.99; Michael Susek, election director, $33.08; and Jorge Torres, building/grounds custodial worker, $13.11.


Two workers retired in December — Mental Health/Developmental Services caseworker 2 Laura L. Davis and Aging Agency senior center operator Ramonita Rolon.

Twenty workers resigned during the month: assistant public defender Benjamin P. Accardi; deputy sheriff corporal Autumn Atkinson; road/bridge equipment operator Jonathon Barry; deputy sheriffs Joshua Basta and Nina Ruggiero; Mental Health/Developmental Services caseworker 2s James Castner and Jarvis Zielinski-Wright; district attorney executive secretary Dawn Davis; IT director Mauro DiMauro; Aging Agency care manager Sarah Essiem; Children and Youth caseworker 2s Linda Jones-Klepar and Allison Klus; 911 telecommunicators Marc Labar, Frank Kane and Joseph Leonardi; Human Services fiscal officer Lorraine Kosik; Aging Agency case aide Jacqueline Repasky; district attorney clerk Sarah Schultz; Children and Youth social services aide Koral Shoemaker; and human resources business partner Renita Zezza.


Six workers changed positions through internal merit hiring.

These employees, along with their new positions and hourly compensation: Melissa Berliner, Children and Youth caseworker 1, $16.62; Frances Capparell, veteran affairs officer, $19.07; Erin Greengo, Children and Youth clerk 3, $14.34; Mark Majikes, budget/finance office administrator, $25.64; Francis O’Looney, Children and Youth legal assistant, $15.42; and Lindsay Price, Mental Health/Developmental Services caseworker supervisor, $19.71.

Council chair

Two county council members serve on the five-person county Retirement Board that oversees the employee pension fund — the council chair and a member selected by a council majority.

New Council Chairwoman Kendra Radle will now fill the council chair seat on the board, which opened the second board seat she previously held. Councilman Brian Thornton was unanimously selected by his colleagues last week to fill the second council representative seat on the board.

The council chair also gets to serve or name a designee on the board that oversees the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport in Pittston Township, which is jointly operated by Luzerne and Lackawanna counties.

Radle said is choosing prior council chair Tim McGinley as her designee to continue serving on that airport board, saying it will provide continuity. Councilwoman LeeAnn McDermott remains in the second county council seat on the airport board.

Committee assignments

Radle last week announced which council members will serve on several council committees.

Act 13: Thornton (chair), Kevin Lescavage (vice chair) and McDermott

Authorities/Boards/Commissions: John Lombardo (chair), Chris Perry (vice chair), Robert Schnee and McGinley

Budget/Finance/Audit: McGinley (chair), Perry (vice chair), Radle and Thornton

Strategic Initiatives: Gregory Wolovich Jr. (chair), Lombardo (vice chair), Lescavage and Stephen J. Urban

Real Estate: McDermott (chair), Lescavage (vice chair) and McGinley

Legislative: Schnee (chair), Wolovich (vice chair) and Perry

Code Review: Urban (chair), Radle (vice chair) and McDermott

New committees

Council is considering creating two new committees, according to discussion at last week’s meeting.

The first would be a review committee for one or two council members to work with the administration on proposed leases, tax break programs and contracts before they are brought to the full council for consideration.

The second is an infrastructure committee to focus on issues related to development in the county.

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