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JACKSON TWP. — An inmate at the State Correctional Institution at Dallas was charged with terroristic threats alleging he intended to blow up the Allentown District Parole office building and kill babies and a police officer.

State police at Wilkes-Barre charged Timothy Koebert, 65, with six counts of terroristic threats. The charges were filed Tuesday with District Judge Brian Tupper in Kingston Township.

State police allege Koebert began to write letters in August to the Allentown District Parole Office in Allentown, Lehigh County, threatening to kill people, babies and a police officer.

Koebert further threatened to blow up the parole building and burn down a Walmart in Allentown, according to court records.

Koebert wrote two letters, both postmarked Aug. 15.

In one letter, Koebert asks the location of the Walmart and if there were bus stops in the shopping center. He listed his plans to blowing up the parole building and putting people in body bags, court records say.

The other letter indicated Koebert was not going to apply for Social Security as the courts would not get any of his money. Koebert wrote if he was threatened, he would put the parole official in a body bag, according to court records.

After sending the first two letters, Koebert allegedly wrote five more letters he sent to the Allentown Parole Office asking if they were going to help him obtain employment and find a place to live.

Koebert’s other letter, dated Sept. 5, was sent to the superintendent at SCI Dallas indicating he was going to kill people, including babies, and was going to torch Walmart.

In two other letters, dated Sept. 14 and Sept. 19, Koebert allegedly wrote he was going to kill an Allentown detective and babies, court records say.

Court records say Koebert was sentenced in October 2017 in Bucks County Court to two years, six months to five years in prison on arson and aggravated assault charges.

State police said Koebert is scheduled to be released in October to serve five years probation under the supervision of the Allentown District Parole Office.

Koebert is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges next week.